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Becoming a Member of the Valley Council

Value of Membership

communal potDuring times of challenge, communities in Chile developed a tradition known as the “communal pot.” People from neighborhoods facing economic hardship would contribute whatever they could to a large soup pot. Neighborhood women would turn these contributions into a daily meal for dozens of struggling families.

In the same way, organizations concerned about the well being of Valley residents join together as we face our own economic challenges. Each agency contributes what it can to the communal pot. Together, we are able to do more to make a difference in the lives of our residents than we each could do on our own. We invite you to join us in working together to improve quality of life in the Valley!

In addition to providing the opportunity to work collaboratively to address the needs of Valley residents, membership in the Valley Council offers key benefits to member agencies. At a single monthly meeting, members can communicate with leaders of over 30 non-profit agencies.

Additional benefits of membership include:

  • On-going networking and information sharing opportunities
  • Professional development and training
  • Updated reports on Valley conditions and needs for use in grant writing & planning
  • Access to information about donated materials
  • Access to prospective Board members and volunteers through the leadership program
  • Updates on funding opportunities through Valley funding sources
  • Opportunities to communicate with local and state leaders
  • Reduced fee for Valley Council programs
  • Involvement in setting priorities for community improvement & other regional planning efforts

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Requirements of Membership

Nonprofit organizations that serve residents of the Valley towns (Ansonia, Beacon Falls, Derby, Seymour, Shelton, and Oxford) are eligible to become members of the Valley Council. To ensure that the Council can plan effectively to address the community’s needs, representatives to the Council and its committees/task forces are decision-makers who hold executive or leadership positions within their organizations.

As a membership organization, the Valley Council depends on the active participation of its member agencies. Expectations for active member agencies, include:

  • attending at least 50% of the monthly meetings of the Council
  • participating in at least one Council task force or initiative beyond monthly meetings
  • paying yearly dues based on the agency’s budget for services provided to Valley residents

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Membership Forms & Dues

Download a 2021-2022 Dues Form

Download a 2021-22 Membership Form

Contact linda.milardo@valleyunitedway if you need 2020-2021 Forms 

For further information about becoming a member, please contact us.
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