Youth Committee


The Youth Committee seeks to empower and promote positive youth development opportunities in the Valley by exploring youth issues, coordinating targeted efforts, and spotlighting achievements.

Current Activities

Lower Naugatuck Valley Community Playgrounds Map – Find and get directions to all of Valley’s Community Playgrounds from Shelton to Naugatuck. Click here to access the online map or download the PDF version of the map to print out along with the accompanying Word document that lists addresses per town.

Valley Youth Recognition Project – The Valley Youth Recognition Project is a platform for youth to show off what they do best. Know a young person who is doing something extraordinary in the Valley? Let us know about it. Click here to read about the program.

Zero Tolerance Discussion – Partnering with local leaders on the subject, the committee focuses on analyzing the effects of these policies on Valley Youth and what we can do as communities to support the school districts evolve said policies.

Contact the Youth Committee

If you’d like to learn more about the Youth Committee or attend a meeting or event, please contact:

Ian Parsells, Chair
Phone: 203-734-1492
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